The Mog Collection - Yoto Review

The Mog Collection - Yoto Review

Mog the Cat has been a household favourite since the first books were published in the 1970s (just ask our very own Jake from Yoto Daily, who reckons he’s read ‘Mog and the Baby’ roughly 3000 times!). That’s over 50 years of this fun-loving feline! Mog is quite forgetful and sometimes - though not on purpose - she does the wrong thing. But she means well and somehow always has a way of saving the day and bringing her family closer together. As most parents can attest to, the Thomases don’t really mean it when they shout “Bother that cat!”. 

Written and illustrated by Judith Kerr (who also penned the beloved classic The Tiger Who Came to Tea), the audio versions include upgrades such as additional music, sounds effects, and extended text, all written by Kerr herself. The narrated story, interspersed with dialogue and fun dramatisations, makes it easy for little ones to follow along. We’d put the sweet spot for these stories as ages 2-3; Mog’s miaow is a much-copied noise in the households of Yoto staff with younger kiddos. 

The Mog Collection features six classic Mog stories, including Mog the Forgetful Cat, Mog and the Baby, Mog and the V.E.T., Mog’s ABC, Mog’s Bad Thing, and Mog’s Christmas. Mog’s ABC is one of our particular favourites, which tells the story of Mog and her Amazing Birthday Caper- all while teaching your little one the alphabet. The story is told using alliteration and follows each letter of the alphabet. With the addition of the Yoto Player displaying the letters throughout the story, it is a great way to get some educational content into your pre-school child’s audio library. 

Though Mog is a cat, she really is very child-like. She’s silly, she forgets things, she makes messes, she gets scared and unsure, and she just wants to be loved. Many of the daily conundrums that happen to Mog will remind children of their own lives and feelings, which is why we think these stories resonate with younger children so much. 

Emma, one of our 2.5-year-old Yoto listeners, insisted on listening to Mog on her Yoto Player every morning, and just couldn’t have her breakfast without it for a good half-year stint. Her mum told us she would sit happily eating, listening, and practising her miaows for over an hour. When we asked her why she loves it so much, her mum, Paula, said “One, there’s a cat on the card and displayed on the Yoto, and cats are awesome. And two, she likes the music, especially on Mog’s Christmas”. 

Mog really is a charming cat, and these classic stories will pull at your heartstrings while also making you laugh. Perfect for pre-schoolers, parents and grandparents alike will enjoy the trip down memory lane and sharing Mog with the next generation. 

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