Yoto Player Review

Yoto Player Review

Published in Technuovo. By Nick Rowe.

The journalist Nick Rowe begins his review by discussing Yoto’s Kickstarter campaign, and summarises the Yoto Player as ‘an all in one, audiobook solution, specifically crafted for children.’ The review moves on to describe the Yoto Player’s physical features, highlighting how it is a screen-free product: ‘The display is not a screen, it’s a pixelated colour display, which shows pixelated content based on what you’re doing/listening too, so it doesn’t distract the kids too much.’

The journalist goes on to discuss the audio features of the Yoto Player mentioning that in addition to audiobooks, ‘the player can be used a Bluetooth speaker, so you can play music via Spotify or similar, and via the Yoto app, you can play radio stations and podcasts.’ The review highlights the safety features of the player describing how ‘the app also allows you to control the player, select content, adjust volume, that sort of thing, along with parental controls for limiting time etc.’

Read the full review here. 

Yoto Player is a carefully connected screen-free speaker for kids

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