Your Yoto Player just got even better...

Your Yoto Player just got even better...

As most of you know already, Yoto products are designed to get better over time.

They run on an operating system (Yoto OS) which we can update remotely - a bit like your smartphone does. While our team of tech heroes are always tinkering away making improvements to the software that runs your Yoto Players, we do like to update you with major updates from time to time. So here it is!


Following feedback, we've been working hard on a pause function. Taking the card out and putting it back in now starts the audio a few seconds before where it left off, not the beginning of the chapter.

Quiet Time

Yoto Player likes to let you know how it’s doing. That’s why sometimes it makes a little bleep or a bloop to tell you what’s on its mind. But the last thing you want is a notification going off in the middle of the night and disturbing a sleeping kiddo! So we’ve disabled these audio updates at night, and soon we’ll give you the option of choosing whether you want them on on off.

Automatic Display Dimming & Brightening

Yoto Player's display can now automatically adapt to its environment, making it brighter in well-lit rooms, or less bright in darker conditions.

Battery Features

We've added a few new battery features to help ensure you don't get caught short without any power:

  1. After one hour off the charging dock, and if not in use, Yoto Player will automatically switch itself off to prevent the battery being drained
  2. You will now be informed when the battery is running low with visual warnings
  3. You can now see the battery level within the app WiFi In the settings you can now see how strong your WiFi signal is to check that you're close enough to a router
  4. We've also added a section where you can manage your WiFi settings - including temporarily disconnecting from the network

What's Next?

We're still working hard on some really exciting new sleep features. They'll all be revealed as soon as possible, but more importantly please do keep your feedback and suggestions coming, they help us decide what we should work on next! We have set up a Suggestion Box page for these here.

Do you have any suggestions for new features or improvements? Let us know!


NB: If any of the features mentioned above aren't working for you:

1. Please open the Yoto app and check your Yoto Player is running the correct software version. To do this, click on 'Account', then 'Settings'. Towards the bottom of the next screen you'll see the Yoto OS version listed. Make sure it's v2.4.2488. If it isn't, leave your Player charging and connected to WiFi, without playing any audio, for an hour or so and then check back. If it still hasn't updated, simply reply to this email and we'll sort it.

2. If your Player is running the correct OS but a feature is still not working, then please do let us know. Just ping us at note at

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